How Reliance Jio unleashed the much-needed digital tsunami in the Indian Telecom Industry

Decoding the “Jio or Maro” bet, Senior Ambani can’t afford to lose!

“We Indians have come to appreciate and applaud Gandhigiri. Now, we can all do Datagiri, which is an opportunity for every Indian to do unlimited good things, with unlimited data,” – Mukesh Ambani 



We live in extraordinary times when the world is at the dawn of a digital revolution. The emergence of disruptive technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, SMAC and Internet of Things (IoT) is reshaping human civilization in a fundamental way while posing major challenges to businesses in terms of innovation and reskilling, developing new age products and solutions, partnering and creating value for the customers and most importantly survive the technological storm. Every industry, be it manufacturing, retail, healthcare, education, entertainment, is going digital, embracing the rapidly evolving technologies not just to continue being relevant and avoid obsolescence but also to capture the market and seize opportunities offered by the transformation.

The Indian Telecommunication sector which has its own history of disruptive innovations is no exception. Whether it is the emergence of revenue killer over-the-top messaging apps, big data and GPS-based free services, cut-throat price per second tariff plans, shifting of business model from voice to data, the USD 37 Billion industry has seen it all. Continue reading “How Reliance Jio unleashed the much-needed digital tsunami in the Indian Telecom Industry”